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Gospel Foundations for Students: Volume 5, God With Us DVD Leader Kit

Gospel Foundations for Students: Volume 5, God With Us DVD Leader Kit

LifeWay Christian Resources DVD


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Product Description

God With Us begins in the New Testament. God has been silent for 400 years, until, finally, an angel appears to a priest, a young girl, and a carpenter. It was time for God's Rescuer to arrive. In volume 5, groups will see how God's plan of redemption culminated in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the promised Rescuer - God Himself.

God With Us Student Leader Kit includes resources for leading a 7-session group study for teens: one Bible study book, one DVD featuring five-minute teaching videos for each session, and extra leader resources.

Each student will need their own copy of God With Us Bible Study Book.

Session Titles:
Session 1: The Birth of Jesus
Session 2: The Preparation of Jesus
Session 3: The Miracles of Jesus
Session 4: The Teachings of Jesus
Session 5: The Crucifixion of Jesus
Session 6: The Resurrection of Jesus
Session 7: The Commission from Jesus

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  • Publisher: LifeWay Christian Resources
  • ISBN: 1535915757
  • ISBN-13: 9781535915755
  • SKU: 9781535915755
  • Format: DVD
  • Binding: DVD
  • Series Name: Gospel Foundations for Students