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Barry Zito

Barry Zito

Barry Zito knows a thing or two about life and its curveballs. Zito had a virtually unstoppable curve that often proved unbeatable. He earned the coveted Cy Young Award right out of the gate at age twenty-four and is a two time World Series champion. In 2007, he signed a seven-year, $126 million contract with the San Francisco Giants. At the time, it was the largest contract ever given to a pitcher. After retiring from his baseball career in 2015, Zito immediately turned his full attention to his second love and began crafting the songs that would fill his first album. NO SECRETS was released in 2017. Now, Barry is set to release his autobiography, aptly titled "Curveball." In it, he shares his story with honesty and transparency. The ups and downs. The wins and losses. From being a playboy to coming face to face with God, he offers readers guidance through life's most difficult obstacles and a path toward finding true success.

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